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Joshua Rockwell

Financial Services Professional


As a financial services professional with Stephens Financial Partners, Joshua (Josh) Rockwell provides a full spectrum of financial products and solutions to individuals, families, and businesses. Over the years, however – partly through referral and partly as a result of his personal interests – Josh’s practice has come to focus on the needs of three constituencies: professionals in the healthcare field, military or ex-military personnel, and non-profit organizations.

In his work with the medical community, Josh finds a common theme. “These are individuals who typically enter the workforce with a heavy educational debt load, yet who need to focus on savings goals like retirement, college education, or a home purchase,” Josh explains. He enjoys working with these healthcare professionals on strategies to meet their near and longer-term objectives.

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Josh also has a sizeable client base in the area’s military community. He finds his services to be particularly helpful to clients as they transition from military to civilian jobs and need assistance with planning for their financial future. Last but not least, Josh’s passion for helping people – both within and outside of work – puts him in touch with many non-profit organizations that need help with financial strategies to attract, recruit, and retain employees.

It is his desire to help people, unimpaired by a profit motive, that explains Josh’s success in financial services. He recalls a pivotal point in his career when he guided a young widow to take control of her finances after the devastating loss of her husband. “Even though I know I helped her through a difficult period, the experience actually helped me,” he tells. “I was at the right place at the right time and am glad to have had the opportunity to be of service: it gave my work a profound meaning which I carry to every client meeting to this day,” Josh says.

Josh attended Old Dominion University. He is very active in the men’s ministry at Beach Fellowship. He regularly volunteers as a literacy tutor at The Life Enrichment Center and is also a board member at the Lions Medical Eye Bank.

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