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Business Planning

The Future Of Your Business Should Not Be Left To Chance

The more success you experience in business, the more complex things become. Complexity, however, should not cloud your ability to visualize the future of your business, nor your own. Whether you seek to sell your business or to leave it to successors, we bring a wealth of experience and solutions to the challenges so many business owners face.

Our fee-based planning services help you address a wide range of financial topics that affect your business, including:

  • Business continuation – do you have a disaster plan in place? What would happen to the business if you or key employees were hurt, disabled or pass away? How would this affect the value of your business?
  • Succession planning – who will take over once you are no longer at the helm?
  • Key employees – how will you retain your top talent?
  • Executive bonus – how are you compensating your top executives?
  • Protection planning – are you adequately prepared for the unexpected?
  • Investing profits – where to invest? How and how much?
  • Tax friendly strategies – are you maximizing opportunities to save on taxes?
  • Exit strategies – do you have one? Every successful business has an exit plan.

How Will We Work Together?

It’s never too early to begin planning for the future of your business. We take the same deep discovery approach to business planning that we know works with our individual clients. We add to that the lens of business planning experience accumulated over years of working with business owners like you.

David Stephens is not only the CEO of Stephens Financial Partners, but also our resident business planning subject matter expert. 

Our process is highly collaborative. Not only do we need to work with your existing advisors (CPAs, attorneys, and others), we actually look forward to meeting and working with your team. Only by getting everyone at the same table can we ensure that we are working in your best interests as a team.

Real-Time Planning, Dynamic And Up-To-Date

We present our plans digitally, with real-time numbers that are dynamically updated to reflect the exact financial position of your company at any moment in time. You will receive access to a secure personalized website that will allow you to have 24/7 access to all of your financial information, and regular reviews with us to assess your progress and make changes as needed.

Of course, we provide a written hard-copy of your financial plan so you can visually see where you currently stand. In addition, you can see how our recommended changes would affect the direction you are headed.

After your plan is delivered we actively monitor your progress and pro-actively communicate with you so that you can make adjustments as needed.