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Are We A Fit?

A successful client relationship takes effort from both parties. Here are some of the things we should jointly consider as we explore working together.

1. How do we get along?

We know how important it is for you to work with an advisor you like and trust. The first step is to see how well we get along.

2. Are your goals achievable?

We are financial advisors, not magicians nor miracle workers. It’s critical that we understand clearly what it is that you seek to achieve, and then have the opportunity to share with you, based on our professional experience, whether we think those goals are attainable.

3. Do we have minimums?

Yes. The reason we have minimums has nothing to do with our willingness to work with you. The fact is that we need enough resources to be able to effectively help you.

There are several ways we can find common ground to work together.

4. Can we add significant value to what you are doing?

This is the most important facet we are measuring during our initial meeting. If we can’t add significant value we ask permission to be upfront with you and share that we don’t believe we are good fit.

It’s as simple as that.